Function Point Counting

Function Point Counting for Sizing Software Project

“Make commitments and deliver on them by taking a scientific approach to your software estimation”

Function Point Analysis training provides sufficient knowledge and understanding about Function Point counting and measure size of any type of software project however training alone is not sufficient to get the correct count of the project. It needs some practical experience to understand various situations and complexities to count correctly.

When trained professions estimate using FPA, it is important that their count is reviewed and validated to gain until they are enough experienced to gain confidence and count independently

pmwares can assist organizations in…

  • Sizing software project or product
  • Estimation of efforts, cost and time for efficient project delivery
  • Function Point baselining
  • Training & Consulting on Function Point Counting Practices and Software Metrics

Software Sizing

In software project delivery, sizing is an important aspect. Size of the software has direct impact on scope, time, cost and resources to be planned for the efficient execution and delivery. Software size will directly guide effective requirement gathering, defining scope of the project, setting up a timeline and securing budget for the project. It becomes very important to employ right methodology for estimating the size of the software.

Object-oriented programming languages are beneficial for improving software quality as well as the productivity of software development. Neither one of these can be measured with SLOC-based metrics.

–  Capers Jones

Function Point

Function points are a unit of measure for software size same as kilometers for distance and hour for measuring time. Software size is mainly measure in either LOC (Line of Code) or in Function Points. Line of Code is oldest method of measuring the software. LOC more depends up on technical specification & implementation instead of what user has got. LOC count for the same software often differs from implementation team to team. However Function Point is a scientific way of measuring software. It depends upon functional specification user has provided and what is delivered to user. It does not depend upon technical specifications and size remain same irrespective of who implements it.

“Measuring Software Productivity by lines of code is like measuring progress on an airplane by how much it weighs”

– Bill Gates, Microsoft

Advantage of Function Point

  • Can be used early in the life cycle
  • Independent of technology, design and methods
  • Easily understood by User
  • Gives consistent results (± 10%)
  • Standardized and established method
  • Fast – the time to count is minimal compared to time to develop (< 1%)

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The implementation of project management has changed our work culture with increased efficiency and openness in the organization. Thanks to proper guidance of Mr. Vivek, because of whom it has become possible. 

– Shivanand Daddi, Business Head R & D, Scope T & M

This is one of the best classroom training, I have attended, Very good interaction and the way it was delivered is highly appreciated

Kunhunni . P . M,  SQA Manager, BMC  Software

Excellent coverage by trainer. This course is very useful for those who are short of time & need full coverage of MS Project.

Prasad Patil,  Asst. Engr.  PWD, Govt. of Maharashtra

If you can verbalize your expectations, Vivek can take care of fulfilling the same during his presentation.

Yogeshwar Bodas, General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric

The training concluded today at our HCL office premises in Noida. We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Vivek Prakash for his efforts in ensuring that the training was a grand success.

KK Bijani, Project Management Office, HCL Infosystem