Project Management Fundamentals

Learn essential elements of project management necessary to steer a project to success.

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About the program

The executives and engineers who move into project management role without any formal education and grooming face many challenges as the expectations from a project management roles are quite different from a technical role. Learning project management on the job makes it even more challenging and affect the individual performance in the absence of guidance.
This course covers concepts, principles and practical skills necessary for playing project management role. The course provides insights of project environments and dynamics involved in different project phases. It imparts knowledge & skills for effective planning, execution, control and managing changes throughout the project. Needs for collaboration, communication and managing team & clients are interwoven into the course.

Project Management Fundamental About Program |


Project Management Fundamental |
  • The goal of this course is to groom new entrants in the project management area.
  • This course will give participants the confidence to lead the projects effectively and achieve high performance.
  • Participants will be equipped with knowledge & understanding of project management concepts.
  • Get to know tools & techniques to handle fairly complex projects.
  • Gain practical skills to steer the project.
  • A better approach to conflict management and decision making.
  • Finely crafted Participants handouts.
  • Post training support to resolve issues and queries (Over internet/phone)
  • A mentor forever to consult in difficult situation.
  • Guidance to develop career in project management.


Being a technical fellow it is a very new experience for me. It helped me to learn many things related to human behaviour. Mr. Vivek is very patient in listening our doubts and one thing is appreciable. He came to focused topic very immediately. Be a student, try to learn and don’t try to prove yourself. You are here to learn.  

– Puneet Srivastava, SO/F, BARC

Case study taken for the training session was familiar as it was our own project. It help u to understand the things. Do attend the training in order to understand how exactly project starts & executed well.

– Kiran Baderao, Asst Manager, KSB Pumps Ltd

Risk Analysis, Stakeholders Analysis, and Systematic Approach towards project management. The very first slide was really true life scenario where close mind, ego etc. was mentioned.

– Jasmin Nakar, Manager, HDFC LIFE

The knowledge gained will be implemented in future project (pre plan). Good interaction sessions I had during 5 days. Benefitted/gained knowledge base on the different areas of project management. It is must for all the scientist who willing to take project.

– M Anniyappan, Scientist E, HEMRL (DRDO)

Knowledgeable program for project managers to improve their skill. Highly professional. Very good topic on project resource management. It will help day by day in the project. It is a very helpful program.

– Nikhil Pande, Sr. Manager, Excelize Software(I) Pvt. Ltd

After every topic, there was a short assignment/activity which kept everyone involved.

– Salil Chand, Specialist-Software, Vanderlande

Training Mode

Physical Classroom

  • Face to face interaction.
  • More effective communication due to presence of body language.
  • Less distractions due to confined in a classroom.
  • More disciplined as being watched by the trainer all the time.
  • Casual discussion over tea and lunch help make bonding.
  • More personalized as many clarifications are done over casual discussions.
  • Better networking with other fellow participants.
  • Social interactions make things more comfortable.
  • As people are used to this mode of learning, they find it more comfortable.

Virtual Classroom

  • Can join from anywhere – office or home.
  • Need need not to travel to training location. Saving time and avoid traffic manoeuvre.
  • Virtual classroom is not e-learning where you are alone. It is an interactive program led by a trainer similar to physical classroom along with other fellow participants.
  • Recordings of all the sessions to revisit whenever required.
  • Support a greener world – No use of paper – 100% paper free.
  • Comparatively less expensive.

Training Outline

The Project Management Fundamentals Training will cover important aspects of project management.

Project Management Framework

  • Project Management Concepts
  • Project Phases & Lifecycle
  • Project Management Processes & Knowledge Area

Project Initiation

  • Project Charter
  • Stakeholder Analysis

Project Planning

  • Defining Scope
  • Schedule & Budgeting
  • Resource Planning
  • Risk Planning
Project Execution

  • Building & Leading Project Team
  • Collect Execution Data
  • Assess Project Performance

Monitoring & Control

  • Controlling Changes
  • Controlling Schedule
  • Controlling Cost
  • Risk Monitoring & Control

Project Closure

  • Transition the project outcome to operation
  • Document lesson learned and Archive the project

Who can attend?

This course is designed for executives and engineers who have limited experience and knowledge of project management but responsible for managing, leading, coordinating and working on projects.

  • Project Managers who are new to project management,
  • Project Leads,
  • Project Engineers,
  • Business Analysts,
  • Technical Lead,
  • Marketing Executives,
  • Management student,
  • Team Members,
  • Executives who want to excel in project management.

Trainer’s Profile

Vivek Prakash

Founder and Chief Consultant

Vivek Prakash, The Founder and Chief Consultant at pmwares is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 25 years of experience. He is an active volunteer of PMI since 2003 when he started PMP Club in Mumbai. He led translation of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition and 6th Edition into Hindi and write for PMI Global Blog “Voice of Project Management”. Currently he is driving Project Manager’s Club of Pune – A not for profit initiative in association with College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)

Passionate about project management, he trains, coaches and mentors project managers, senior managers and leadership team to excel in project management and employ best practices. He provides advisory services to corporate for building strong project management capability, develop robust project management processes, setup effective project management systems and support managers on the job for implementation.

You can know more about Vivek Prakash on linkedin and connect with him.

Read his blog on pmwares: pmwares blog

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