Project Management Seminars


Being a Manager

How game changes when a technical expert assumes responsibilities of a manager

Effectively managing multiple projects using MS Project 2010

Learn how MS Project facilitates dependencies across projects, master projects and sharing a common resource pool

5 Habits of Excellent Project Managers

Learn the lessons of excellence in project management

Using Function Points to estimate software

Learn why Function Point (FPA) is the best technique to estimate software development and how easy it is

10 Principles of Project Management for PMP Exam

Follow these Principles to pass the PMP Exam and be effective at work

The PMP Certification Exam

Everything you wanted to know about PMP Certification

Giving Importance to Important

Filter out unimportant to focus on important tasks

Configure Mind for Efficiency & Effectiveness

Know tools and techniques for configuring mind that you can directly apply in your projects to achieve better results

Critical Path+

A new scheduling technique developed using Critical Path, Critical Chain and Blue Ocean Strategy

Earned Value Management Using Microsoft Project

Implementing EVM Using Microsoft Project 2010