MS Project Training

A complete MS Project Training to enable you to start planning & tracking your project from next day.

Online in a Virtual Classroom

From 16th to 24th Oct, 2021 (On Fri, Sat & Sun)
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST (See time in your time zone)
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About the program

Microsoft Project is one of the most widely used tools in project management community for scheduling and tracking projects across the industries. Microsoft Project is now a mandatory skill for a professional to play the role of project manager.

The MS Project training will teach you to initiate a project with MS Project, create a meticulous Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), manage dependencies, define resources and allocate them, optimize schedule, optimize resources, find out resources that are over allocated or free, set and manage baseline, tracking the projects using various methods and to generate tabular, text and attractive graphical reports.

 It is practical oriented cased study based workshop. For majority of the time, participants will work on MS Project. They will learn by doing. Post this MS Project training, you will start planning, tracking, and reporting your projects from very next day. The training will cover MS Project 2010, MS Project 2013, MS Project 2016 and MS Project 2019.

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  • 16 hours of practical workshop from a Microsoft Certified Partner and PMI® Approved Training Provider
  • Tea, Coffee, Lunch all taken care of (for training in physical classroom).
  • Guidance, Do’s & Don’ts & Tips to crack Microsoft Certification Exam.
  • Learn by doing…
        > Initiate project with MS Project
        > Creating a Meticulous Work Breakdown Structure
        > Creating a Gantt Chart
        > Defining dependencies and estimates
        > Defining resources and allocating them to activities
        > Critical Path Analysis
        > Performing Crashing & Fast Tracking
        > Identify which resources are free and which are over allocated
        > Optimizing schedule and resources
        > Track the project by updating actuals from team members
        > Prepare tabular and graphical reports
           > How to analyze project data on closure to document lesson learned
  • A certificate of 16 hours of training in Microsoft Project
  • Crisply prepared workshop handouts
  • Post training support to overcome the challenges at work
  • Pre-approved 16 PDUs for PMP® credential holders
  • Recording of all the sessions (only for online training)
  • More than 80% is practical. Bring your laptop with you


Honestly before joining the workshop my expectation was very low and my focus was on getting the PDU’s. My doubts were around how much a trainer would be able to engage and keep the group focused over an Online Conference for 2 days. During the course of the workshop I gained tremendous respect for Vivek on the way he professionally conducted the workshop. Vivek’s knowledge and skill is top class. Being a PMP I have attended close to 25 workshops conducted by various Institutes and Organizations across Singapore. My experience at the end of this workshop ascertains that this is a top class workshop. I have so far being using MS Project as excel and with this workshop I take away a lot of knowledge that would allow me to affectively use this tool.


– Arunkumar Srinivasan, Project Manager, Standard Chartered Bank, Join From Singapore

Greetings from HCL! The MS Project training concluded today at our HCL office premises in Noida. We take this opportunity to thank Mr. Vivek Prakash for his efforts in ensuring that the training was a grand success. All participants had learning experiences during the entire duration of the program.

KK Bijani . Project Management Office, HCL Infosystem

A superb host and presenter with great knowledge.A must see, perfect MS Project training package!In order to see how well prepared and presented, you must join to this program to experience it.

– Zehra Limon,  Global Sales and Business Development Manager, BASF, New York

The contents covered and the way Vivek has carried out the workshop is commendable. I had never used MS Project before but have seen others using it for scheduling purposes. Now I know that it’s not only the scheduling software but it’s much more than that if worked in detail. Thanks.

Nikhil Kulkarni, Project Manager, Science by design Labs

I would recommend this course to every one working on project to enhance their knowledge and skills by attending this course.It was my first online course and I get the most out of it. Mr.Vivek is explaining the topics very well and to the level you needed. This course cover from basic to high level of MS Project.

Zafar Iqbal, Implementation Manager, NTSA Saudi Arabia

I like the way sir has made all the participants do the hands on during the session and timing was really managed well with regards to the training. I would very much recommend to take the training at pmwares under the valuable guidance of Vivel Sir.

Krishna K Singetham, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services

Training Mode

Physical Classroom

  • Face to face interaction.
  • More effective communication due to presence of body language.
  • Less distractions due to confined in a classroom.
  • More disciplined as being watched by the trainer all the time.
  • Casual discussion over tea and lunch help make bonding.
  • More personalized as many clarifications are done over casual discussions.
  • Better networking with other fellow participants.
  • Social interactions make things more comfortable.
  • As people are used to this mode of learning, they find it more comfortable.

Virtual Classroom

  • Can join from anywhere – office or home.
  • Need need not to travel to training location. Saving time and avoid traffic manoeuvre.
  • Virtual classroom is not e-learning where you are alone. It is an interactive program led by a trainer similar to physical classroom along with other fellow participants.
  • Recordings of all the sessions to revisit whenever required.
  • Support a greener world – No use of paper – 100% paper free.
  • Comparatively less expensive.

Training Outline

Microsoft Project Training will cover Microsoft Project 2010, Microsoft Project 2013, Microsoft Project 2016and Microsoft Project 2019. If you are working or intended to work on MS Project 2010 or MS Project 2013, MS Project 2016 or MS Project 2019, this workshop is suitable for you. MS Project online always has latest version of MS Project which is currently 2019.

The Foundation

  • Project Management Foundation.
  • Mapping project life cycle to Microsoft Project.
  • Microsoft Project and its environment.

Initiating a new project

  • Adapt MS Project to organization environment.
  • Create a new project.
  • Set up a project calendar.

Prepare schedule

  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to setup tasks.
  • Enter effort or duration estimates.
  • Apply project dependencies among tasks.
  • Set up a resources list with all types of resources.
  • Assign resources to tasks.
  • Prepare a Gantt Chart.

Optimizing the schedule and the resources

  • Identify the critical path & perform critical path analysis.
  • Manage ongoing work and deadlines.
  • Create tasks for recurring work.
  • Identify over allocation and perform resource levelling.
  • Perform crashing and fast tracking to meet timeline.

Track and report the project status

  • Create and update project baseline.
  • Update actual status with various methods.
  • Measure schedule and cost variance.
  • Adjustschedule by crashing &fast tracking
  • Understand various types of reports.
  • Prepare reportswith inbuilt report templates
  • Prepare customized reports suiting to the stakeholders

Case Study

  • Let’s do it once again end to end independently.
  • Identify gaps if any, fill them and build confidence.

Who can attend?

  • Project Leads,
  • Project Managers,
  • Sr. Managers,
  • Delivery Managers,
  • Unit Heads,
  • Project Directors,
  • Executives who wants to manage projects effectively and efficiently
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Trainer’s Profile

Vivek Prakash

Founder and Chief Consultant

Vivek Prakash, The Founder and Chief Consultant at pmwares is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 25 years of experience. He is an active volunteer of PMI since 2003 when he started PMP Club in Mumbai. He led translation of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition and 6th Edition into Hindi and write for PMI Global Blog “Voice of Project Management”. Currently he is driving Project Manager’s Club of Pune – A not for profit initiative in association with College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)

Passionate about project management, he trains, coaches and mentors project managers, senior managers and leadership team to excel in project management and employ best practices. He provides advisory services to corporate for building strong project management capability, develop robust project management processes, setup effective project management systems and support managers on the job for implementation.

You can know more about Vivek Prakash on linkedin and connect with him.

Read his blog on pmwares: pmwares blog

Read his blog on PMI®:

Schedules / Registration

Online in a Live Virtual Classroom

On 16, 17, 22, 23 & 24 October, 2021 (Fri, Sat & Sun)
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm (See time in your time zone)

Enquiry Form


    What is Microsoft Project?

    Microsoft Project (MS Project) is a project management tool from Microsoft used to prepare project schedule, tracking project status and present customized reports to stakeholders. MS Project is a leading project management software used by project managers across industries.

    Why is training in MS Project important?

    Often people get confused between MS Project and Excel due to its appearance however these two tools are entirely different. Excel is a general purpose tools used for various purpose whereas MS Project is very specific tool for managing projects. People feel they can learn and use MS Project like Excel and other office tools however MS Project implements project management principles, concepts and calculations and therefore much more complex to use than other office products. Like a complex machine requires proper training for it usage to get required output, MS Project also requires proper training for its effective usages to get required output. Without training, one can make several mistakes and use bad practices that will make the life of project manager miserable with little productive outcome. A training will make the person to use best practices, use the MS Project effectively and save precious time to spend on managing projects and team. To use MS Project, training is a must.

    Which industry or company use MS Project intensively?

    MS Project is used across the industries. All major to minor companies use MS Project to effective plan, track and report their projects. It is equally popular in all types of industries.

    Does it make sense to use MS Project Professional without having MS Project Server?

    Yes, it does make sense. One can do all planning, tracking and reporting using MS Project Professional without project server. Project server will actually make collaboration among team and stakeholders easy. The main strength of Project Server is not planning or tracking but collaboration. MS Project server is multifold costlier than MS Project Professional. You can plan and track projects but collaboration like sharing project plan, collecting actual status, updated actual data in the schedule, sharing MOM, sharing documents, managing risk & issues etc. manually in the absence of project server.

    How much of this course is hands-on?

    80% of this course is hands-on. We teach some basic concepts of project management that are necessary to understand MS Project. Remaining part is all hands-on. We teach through case studies. We take a project, schedule it, optimize it, track it and report it in the class. We also provide independent case study for participants to plan and track the projects so that they are confident that they can start using the tool from very next day.

    Which version of the MS Project will be used in the training?

    Training will use latest version of the MS Project which is currently 2019. However the features on agenda of this training are fundament. They are by and large same in earlier version from 2013 until now. If you have any version from 2013 to 2019, you are good to go for this training. Even if you have 2010 version, you can still go for this training as 2010 lack only in reporting feature.

    Will you use Project Standard or Project Profession?

    We use Project Professional and recommend the same. Project Standard lack some of the features that may be critical and therefore we recommend Project Professional for the training.

    Will it cover all the features of the MS Project?
    But you also do not need to know all the features of MS Project. Microsoft has a standard training of 3 days coving all the features. However many of those features are not used by project manager in a day to day life. In this 2 days workshop, we cover all features that project managers commonly require to manage their projects every day.