PMP Certification Training

An extensive PMP® Training to master the art of project management and succeed in PMP® Exam in your first attempt.

Classroom in Pune
10th, 11th, 17th & 18th June, 2023 (Sat & Sun)

Online in a Virtual Classroom
6th to 23rd July, 2023 –  Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST (Time in your time zone)

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About the program

A specially designed 35 hours of PMP Certification Training to build confidence in you to not only pass the PMP Certification Exam without fail but also succeed as Project Manager post.

The program is conducted as per latest PMI guidelines. It covers the three new performance domains – People, Process & Business Environment  and Predictive, Agile & Hybrid Lifecycles. The learning topics in this training come directly from the PMP exam content outline (ECO).The ECO is the basis for the new PMP exam, which went live in January 2021. It give you required 35 contact hours (35 PDUs) as prescribed and authorized by PMI.

The focus of the PMP Certification training is to impart in-depth knowledge on project management. Class will be led by a highly experienced trainer who has over 25 years of practical experience and guiding professionals for over 15 years for PMP certification. Needless to say that he is certified by PMI. He will explain complex project management concepts into simple terms. This will make your PMP Exam preparation easy and equipped you with tools and techniques to effectively deal with complex situation in your projects.

About PMP Certification Training |


  • 35 hours of professional training as per PMI® recommendation.
  • Highly interactive training using case studies, audio/video and live discussions.
  • Guidance, Do’s & Don’ts and Tips & Tricks for PMP® Certification Exam.
  • Solving over 150 thought provoking PMP exam like situational questions in the training.
  • Crisply prepared trainingmaterialuse in class and torevise after training.
  • A certificate of 35 hours of training to apply for PMP Exam.
  • A finely drafted plan to prepare and pass the PMP Exam.
  • An excellent post training support until you pass the exam.
  • Three months access to online questions bank and simulated mock exams.
  • A mentor/guide forever to guide you in your preparation, application, audit response and help resolving issues at work.


Generally everything about the course is very good. Especially the guidance given regarding the strategies to pass the PMP exam. Domain knowledge of the faculty is excellent and tactfully helps to unlearn certain wrong things that we have been unknowingly doing. Would be interested in attending further future knowledge sharing session by faculty. 

Tasneem Shaikh, Director Projects, Aario Engg Projects Pvt. Ltd.

The thing I liked was it was a interactive session and not a one way interaction Vivek. I thank you for this workshop. This has been the far superior session I have ever attended. You are the king of your domain and having a good approach on the overall subject. Should you apply for PMP, have workshop from Vivek as he is the best we have ever seen.

– Milind Sarfare, Associate director/Key account manager, Cushman Wakefield

The overall approach infact – rather than giving importance just to PMP® exam, whole of the workshop was aimed at reflecting ourselves as a project managers and this helped in focusing my efforts on understanding the in-depth knowledge of project management aspects rather than just aiming at study for PMP®. However this change in perspective did help me in knowing the concepts better which are essential to score well in PMP®.

S. Ryali, Project Coordinator, Lexon UK Ltd.

The workshop was excellent, interactive and exceeding my expectations. Before the start, I was assuming this could be like any other online workshop, but this was one of the best online sessions which I have attended. Also need to appreciate the interest in reaching extra mile to explain additional topics and help understand concepts. I would highly recommend this workshop!!!

– Rajesh K. R., Advance Technical Leader, DELHI

Amazing talent and clarity of the trainer (Mr Vivek) on the subject. His enthusiasm and zeal to impart quality training is infectious. It was great to interact with professionals working in different field. An enriching experience. Just go by whatever is being taught with an open mind. Things are not tough as perceived. Consistency is the key to success.

– Sharique Khan, Colonel, Indian Army

The topic is presented more simply (simple language) and making the topic understand. I am a fresher but got a good knowledge about PMP and project management which motivates me in the same career path. To get a comprehensive knowledge about project management one should attend the workshop (irrespective of PMP certification).  Perfect ROI.

Shridhar Bagal, HR Operational Specialist, UBS Business Solutions Pvt. LTD.

Training Mode

Physical Classroom

  • Face to face interaction.
  • More effective communication due to presence of body language.
  • Less distractions due to confined in a classroom.
  • More disciplined as being watched by the trainer all the time.
  • Casual discussion over tea and lunch help make bonding.
  • More personalized as many clarifications are done over casual discussions.
  • Better networking with other fellow participants.
  • Social interactions make things more comfortable.
  • As people are used to this mode of learning, they find it more comfortable.

Virtual Classroom

  • Can join from anywhere – office or home.
  • Need need not to travel to training location. Saving time and avoid traffic manoeuvre.
  • Virtual classroom is not e-learning where you are alone. It is an interactive program led by a trainer similar to physical classroom along with other fellow participants.
  • Recordings of all the sessions to revisit whenever required.
  • Support a greener world – No use of paper – 100% paper free.
  • Comparatively less expensive.

Training Outline

The PMP Exam Prep Training will cover all aspects of project management and complete course as advised by PMI(R).

  • All three domain areas – Process, People and Business Environment
  • All three project lifecycle – Traditional, Agile and Hybrid
  • All Agile concepts that are required to attempt PMP Exam
  • Explanations of terms and concepts of project management as per PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO)
  • Case Studies
  • PMP® Exam like question/answers
  • Complex concepts and phenomenon of people management.
  • Timeless principles of Leadership.

Who can attend?

  • PMP aspirants,
  • Project Managers,
  • Project Lead,
  • Managers,
  • Delivery Managers,
  • Unit Heads,
  • Project Directors,
  • Executives who want to excel in project management.
Who can attend PMP Training |

Trainer’s Profile

Vivek Prakash

Founder and Chief Consultant

Vivek Prakash, The Founder and Chief Consultant at pmwares is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Microsoft Certified Professional with more than 25 years of experience. He is an active volunteer of PMI since 2003 when he started PMP Club in Mumbai. He led translation of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition and 6th Edition into Hindi and write for PMI Global Blog “Voice of Project Management”. Currently he is driving Project Manager’s Club of Pune – A not for profit initiative in association with College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)

Passionate about project management, he trains, coaches and mentors project managers, senior managers and leadership team to excel in project management and employ best practices. He provides advisory services to corporate for building strong project management capability, develop robust project management processes, setup effective project management systems and support managers on the job for implementation.

You can know more about Vivek Prakash on linkedin and connect with him.

Read his blog on pmwares: pmwares blog

Read his blog on PMI®:

Schedules / Registration

Physical Classroom in Pune

10th, 11th, 17th & 18th June, 2023
(Saturday & Sunday)
9:00 am to 7:00 pm

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Online in a Live Virtual Classroom

6th to 23rd July, 2023
(6,7,8,9,13,14,15,16,20,21,22,23 July, 2023)
Only on Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm IST
(See time in your time zone)

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Enquiry Form


    What is PMP®?

    PMP® stands for Project Management Professional. PMP® is a credential offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Currently it is a globally recognized and most popular certification in Project Management. It is one of best investments if you would like to establish your career in project management.

    Am I eligible?

    If you satisfy any one of the following two criteria, you are eligible

    Criteria 1. A four-year degree + 36 months of experience in Project Management Experience + 35 hours of formal Project Management Training.

    Criteria 2: A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent) + 60 months of experience in Project Management+ 35 hours of Project Management Training..

    Still not sure? Please an enquiry to use by filing enquiry form provided above, we will be happy to help you ascertain your eligibility.  

    Why is trainer more important than institute?

    Classroom, tea/coffee/lunch, handouts, name of the institute etc. only make sense when trainer is good. If trainer is not good, above things hardly contribute in your success. Trainer can make or break your training and preparation. Poor trainer will teach you what is written in PMBOK or handbook while a good trainer will make you understand principles of project management, can become your mentor, provide you guidance and directions, assist you resolve your issues and help you throughout your preparation. The key to success is not the money back guarantee that institute provides you but it is the trainer’s guidance and your efforts that make you success. You are not joining the training to get your money back but investing in your future. Only a good trainer and mentor give you a good ROI.

    What are the benefits of PMP® Certification?
    • Some of the main advantages are…
      1. Better job prospects as PMP credential holders are preferred for PM position.
      2. Get higher salary as PMI survey shows that PMP certified PMs get higher salary.
      3. Better understanding of project management principles that will lead to a better performance.
      4. Increase customer and management confidence in you.
      5. It displays your commitment to pursue career and growth in project management.
      6. CIO magazine ranked the PMP as the top project management certification.
    Who should pursue PMP Certification?
    • Professionals who want to develop skills or like to build their career in project management. It will not only bring better opportunities but also add to performance. 
    What is the cost of PMP Certification?

    S. No.

    Fee Category

    United States



    PMP Exam Fee for Non-Members




    PMP Exam Fee for PMI Members




    PMI Membership Fee ($129 plus $10 for 1st time registration)




    How do I apply for PMP Exam? What is the process?
    • Once you have required degree/diploma, required experience and 35 hours of training, you can go to and fill up and application form. After submitting application form, you application may be approved within a week. On approval, you can pay the fee and schedule your exam on your preferred exam centre.
    • If you application is selected for audit, you need to respond to audit before approval.
    • PMI has also opened Online exam which a candidate can take from home. Scheduling process is same.
    How is pmwares different?
    • There are three things that are unique for pmwares that make this PMP certification Training different from others.
    • Trainer: A trainer that has over total over 25 years of experience and guiding professional for PMP Certification for over 15 years.
    • Highly interactive course: The course is so interactive that you may not realize that you are sitting for over 8 hours in the training program.
    • Excellent post training support: You join a community of PMP holders and aspirants. We will guide you and help you until you pass.
    Why does pmwares not provide passing guarantee?
    • Because we believe passing guarantee is a gimmick and we do not want to trick our participants.
    • Only a small portion of the total amount you spend to attempt PMP Exam is spent on PMP Training.
    • If an institute offers you to repeat the class, the institute in fact doesn’t lose anything at all.
    • If the institute returns your money, still it is not significant comparing to your own stake and the revenue they have generated from that class. Also the intention is not to get the money back but to pass the exam. Also this money will be returned only if you comply with all terms and conditions written in fine print you may not read. Like give exam in certain period, attempt minimum X number of questions etc. etc. Your claim does stand a chance if you miss even a single condition.
    • Remember, there is no compensation available for the precious time you invested and the disappointment.
    • Your efforts and our guidance is the key to success and that is the reason almost all our participants clear the exam in their first attempt.