Enhance Security for PMP® Exam. How will it impact me?

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Effective 25th September, 2023, PMI has enhanced the data forensics and security policies for the Project Management Professional Exam (The PMP Exam). Let’s understand how it will impact us.

If you are a PMP Certification Aspirant, this news is important for you. Effective from 25th September, 2023, PMI® has introduced enhanced PMP Exam data forensics and security measures to address the misconduct and unethical practices cropping up in the certification industry. This will uphold the integrity of PMP® certification and reassure the fairness in the testing process.

The reason behind this tightening of the security for PMP Certification Exam may be due to malpractices observed in recent time. This is especially observed in online proctored test which is taken from home. Despite all precautions taken by proctors, professionals of unfair methods still beat them. Have you ever experienced that someone approached you over the phone or on LinkedIn or other ways offering you passing of PMP exam with 100% guarantee on a payment. Many have experienced it.

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What is the change?

Here are the main steps that PMI has taken and are effective from 25th Sep, 2023:

  1. At the end of the exam, candidates will be notified that their responses have been sent to PMI, and they will get an email from PMI with exam results within five (5) business days.
    What was earlier: The Results were displayed immediately on the screen.
  2. If misconduct is found, the exam is considered a security failure. The candidate will receive an email notification that their score has been cancelled and will not be provided.
    What was earlier: The same, the exam was invalidated.
  3. Candidates who receive a security failure can only retake the exam in person (CBT) and at their own cost.
    What was earlier: The candidate was allowed to retake the exam online or CBT.
  4. Security failures will count towards the candidate’s three PMP exam attempts allowed in a single eligibility period. That means one attempt is gone. The candidate has to pay reexam fee and take the next attempt.
    What was earlier: The cancelled exam was not considered an attempt. If it was candidate’s 1st attempt, the retake will still be 1st attempt and no fee was required to be paid.

Let me analyze these changes.

First one will affect everyone. Your exam results are delayed. They will not be displayed on the screen immediately. You have to come home and wait for an email from PMI, communicating you your results. So, hold on, the celebrations are now a few days away.

It is a Police & Thief game. PMI has tightened up the security. If a misconduct is found or it is established that unfair means were used, the exam will be cancelled. One attempt is over. Now the candidate has to pay a reexam fee and make the next attempt.

If a proctored online test is cancelled over misconduct, one attempt is over. Now the candidate has to pay a reexam fee and take the next attempt. The next attempt cannot be taken online and the candidate must go to a centre for the attempt.

How will it impact you? As such not much if you are a hardworking, intelligent and honest professional and intend to attempt the PMP Exam sincerely and honesty. The only impact I see is that your result will be delayed maximum by a week. Earlier results were displayed immediately and candidates used to get a scoring sheet showing your performance on below target, on target and above target band. Now the you will come back home after giving the exam and score will be sent to you through email within a week.

If one has intension to use unfair means to clear the exam, the attempt has less chances of success. It is also more risky as one attempt is gone and the candidate as to pay reexam fee. Earlier such misadventures were risk free as the candidate did not lose anything.

What is to be done?

I am always in the favor of centre based test (CBT), going to a centre and attempting the exam at centre. I see several benefits in it. If you take exam from home, you are responsible for all infrastructure like uninterrupted internet, absolutely clean room, no one should enter in the room during the exam and you cannot move your neck left or right etc. etc. I feel it is too much for a sincere candidate who wants to focus on exam. I consider taking care of infrastructure like uninterrupted internet etc. an unnecessary destruction from the main aim. I feel until it is too cumbersome to go to the centre, one much attempt the exam from a nearest centre. Even if it means spending some money.

Should you have any questions unanswered, please leave it in the comments below, I will try to respond as fast as possible.

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